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Crenshaw Winter Squash

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Originally published Summer 2011
(If you read my very first post, you will find that I am slowly re-creating my gardening blog that I originally hosted on my own domain, blueroseweb.com, but that my web host 1and1.com lost. Fortunantly, they were able to provide me a dump file that contained my writings and I am now recreating the blog).

Because of the many problems that I experience with certain winter squash, especially c. maxima, I, for the most part, only grow c. moschata winter squash.  However, since there is always an exception to things, this year I am also growing 1 Crenshaw winter squash (and a few Table Queen Acorns made it so far).  The problems I encounter with c. maxima include the evil, dreaded squash vine borer, excessive squash bugs and the environmental issue that the hot, dry south just isn’t the best place to be growing the awesomely beautiful jumbo squash.

As mentioned in previous posts, I have pre-emptively injected BT worm killer into the base of the stem of my one Crenshaw squash plant that germinated and survived. This is to try to prevent the evil squash vine borer from killing it. I need to remember to perform this injection of BT every 2 weeks or so during the summer – and also for all of my summer squash.

This is my first crenshaw squash:  (note that I put my squash on a board or something similiar.  This keeps the fruit from rotting and keeps the moles and gophers from tunneling up into the fruit.)

Crenshaw squash first fruit

This is my 2nd fruit:

Crenshaw squash - 2nd fruit

These pics were taken a week ago. I now have several more fruit and these 2 firsts are much larger. Winter squash have a characteristic of trying to pop out a few roots at each leaf junction in the stem. I need to put dirt on these roots and encourage them to grow into the ground. This strengthens the vine by providing more roots so that if the initial stem is damaged -like maybe by borers – the plant will still survive. I knew full well that this would be an issue when I decided to grow my 5 butternut varieties up onto cattle panels. So far this plant is nice an healthy and is sending out branches at many leaf junctions.


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January 27, 2012 at 5:58 pm

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  1. where can I find seeds?? We love Crenshaw squash an tried to grow them. Didn’t have success but want to try again! Can’t find seeds anywhere. We are in FL and I brought the squash back from PA and sved the seeds. Thanks for any help!


    June 13, 2013 at 6:27 am

    • I purchase most of my Heirloom seeds from rareseeds.com, victory seeds.com, and heirloom seeds.com. There are other reliable heirloom seed sellers like territorial seeds, seed savers and others.

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